Sunday, 22 March 2015

Easter fun!

I don't know why rabbits bringing for us Easter Eggs, but it is really fun Egg Hunt and actually anything what is connected to Easter eggs! We started to make chicken and rabbits for our Easter eggs! The best material which we used - salty dough or play dough. You can check our classes in Art

Great spring celebrations

Spring always bringing for us many great celebration. Very close this year coming Pesach (Passover), Catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter. As a multicultural country Canada celebrate all of the them, so children  begin to learn about those great celebration.

Over two and a half thousand years ago, G-d saved the Jewish people and took them out of slavery in Egypt, leading them through the Split Sea and into the land of Israel.
Each year we celebrate our redemption from Egypt by reading the story of Passover out loud during the Passover Seder. (read here)

Passover is biggest spring celebration for jewish people. We tried to learn about names, characters and stuff for Passover with our little children. For our class I prepared seder plate.Last year we spend a few classes to make a Seder plate matching game - children could match parts of seder plate with pictures on it. This year I brought this game and was very happy that my children still remember what to do.

To make a matching game "Seder plate" you will need:
Big paper plate
Six muffin cover
One styrolfoam egg
White  masking tape
Crumpled red and brown tissue paper
Small plastic bottle and clear plastic container
Piece of green, yellow and brown felt.
Cotton balls
White glue, glue gun, markers,
What to do:
We made a bone by covering two q-tips. For the end of shank I used brown finger puppet base(we were making once finger puppets and I still had couple. You also can use round piece of brown felt stuffed with cotton balls and glued on another end of q-tips)
Cut out leaf of green felt and also three- four ribbons(that will be celery stalks) Draw lines on the leaf. Ribbons take together and cover one end with white masking tape.
Cut styrolfoam egg in half and glue yellow circle on the middle - that will be egg. You actually can use whole egg - paint it light brown?
Cut 3-4 small ribbons of green felt glue them together and one side connect twisted napkin. Start to wrap it with masking tape - that will be horse radish root.
Glue crumpled tissue paper on the card board circle - haroseth. Make sure that you glue it very well because my one-year old took off all tissue balls in one minute!
Print out names (I had celery instead parsley) and glue them in to muffin covers. 
Ta-da! Now you can start to play with your children!

Next class we will talk about matza  and bread, we will look for the bread and collect all crumbs!
So we need a brash to clean our house.
Then, you will need:
Feathers, masking tape,pop sickle stick ribbon.
Let children to connect feathers to masking tape, explain the order.
Roll attached feathers, at the end attach pop sickle stick, tie with ribbon.

Ready to clean up house!
Happy Passover!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spring is here!

Still -10* but you anyway can see that Spring is here already!So we tried to make it even closer!For our dear Moms first spring flowers!Happy International Woman's day!

Materials: white paper yellow tissue paper, green pipecleaners green construction paper.
Happy Spring!
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Knock, knock...Trick or Treat, Who are you?

I am pumpkin! I am little pumpkin!!

I am spider, I`m a gigantic spider!

I am ghost, I am little ghost!

I am witch, I am little witch!
And that is not only one little witch - it is `Witch Hazel Pharmacy and we were hardly working whole week on our potions and spells!

Provocation - rat`s brain (cauliflower+ one drop blue food colouring) 

Dusty bottle.

Dragon bone, Poison Mushroom and Rat Brain! Labels in process)) 

Creating recipe

Exploring ingredients))

Components of spell

Dead potion))

Making old paper ( instant coffee)

Lissy`s potion( flowers and herbs in water)
If you are have more question, always welcome!
Party - tomorrow!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Thanksgiving hunting (Part 2)

The moose was amazing! So, it created very competitive situation in classroom - everyone wanted to finish animal faster. We started to paint them!

Painting is always fun!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Thanksgiving hunting.

As I mention in posts last year american football appeared from turkey hunting. My children would like to do that activity again, but this year my children decided to hunt many different animals!!! We started to learn about aboriginal people and how they were hunting animals to get them for food.
My children were very excited to see pictures of native people!

Children made a research and find out that Indians were hunting turkey, moose, rabbit, bear. The teacher from another class said that her Father is hunter and he also hunted a wild pig. Children looked what is a difference between wild pig and farm pig and they were surprised!
Mary said: "I would like to make a pig, but the big pig is so scary, i will make a wild piggy!"
Dave:" I want to make a moose! I would like to make it big as real!"
Other children decided to make turkey, bear,bunny.
The best material in our opinion was paper mashe.
See how it happened:

Another day

Goes to dry!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Little red house....reading again

I love this amazing story, which my teacher in college shared with us. Now I found the story here, in Miss B's classroom and want to share with you the story and my experience.
I hide in by Basket- Suitcase all the characters: farm animals, little girl, and musical instruments.(The Story-noisemaker you can find somewhere in next post). Children had a musical instruments and guessed the sounds, which characters made. We had a lot of fun.
Suddenly, we start to talk about the town, full of red houses...Red, yellow or green! Do you know where that town is?

To create this wonderful orchard you will need:
10 little hands;
5 brown paper lunch bags;
5 sheets  of green tissue paper;
5 brown paper towel rolls
A lot red, yellow and green round stickers (we also used for older children crumpled tissue paper and glue with white glue)
Tonnes of news paper to stuff lunch bags.
And a lot of fun with ripping and  crumpling news paper!

Have fun!

And visit my blog to see our new activities!