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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back to the big water.

We continue to learn about the ocean and its inhabitants. I was looking for special craft for this theme and I found gorgeous one! There is a lot of jelly fishes in internet but those just exited me a lot!

That is how we made them:
You need:

Two deep bowls;
Two googly eyes;
Ribbons - diversity
Hole puncher
Piece of double sided tape

You can paint or cover with pieces of tissue paper one bowl outside.
Make a few holes on the bottom of second bowl. It is very good exercise for children to lace ribbons through the hole. Do it as much as possible. Make a small hole on the middle of painted bowl and fix the thread with double sided tape inside. Fold them together and stack with double sided tape. Make a holes on the edge of bowls and let children lace them with the ribbon. Attach some more ribbons to the ribbon which laced edge.
Our jelly fishes didn't look so pretty but I love when they do lace for fine motor skills!
Those jelly fishes made by older children, who tied ribbons on the edge.

Happy fishing! See you soon again!

I think I still have time to participate with those fishes  hereand here!


  1. Мила, какие очаровашки!!! Нужно будет приберечь идею для сына, скоро в школе начнутся уроки и обязательно будут делать какие-нибудь поделки. Спасибо!

    1. конечно, Жанна, я сделала подборку по морскому крафту, но самая хорошая коллекция на даниелс пласе, здесь

      саит английский но мне ооооочень нравится

  2. Мила! Как здорово! Беру в копилочку! Здесь для меня важно: цвет - именно для этого я и буду использовать таких вот очаровашек!

  3. Спасибо огромное за участие в моем Креативе!!!