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Sunday, 25 August 2013

We're going to the camping early in the morning!

Pack your backpack, take the tent! We are going to the camping!
Where are we going to live there? We need to build the house, it called - tent!
What are we going to eat there? We will cook soup on the fire!
How we are going to find the road? We need to have a compass!
What are we going to do at the night? We will tell stories!
How we are going to survive in the forest? Oh.... it is a good question....
We learn about compass also. We had a lot of fun by trying turn the arrow!

Let see!

That is how we built the tent!

This is our fireplace and our soup. We put around the tray rocks and discuss  how many pieces of wood we need for our fire place, how long they are, which is longer, which is shorter.....
Next step - we discuss how can we cook the soup - what we use for soup - veggies or fruits, can we add ice cream or not and why? Tim told me that even we can use ice cream, we shouldn't put it with the can!!!!!
Open the can and poor it in the pot!

Everyone probably knows this song:

"Put ........(potato) in the pot, 
Stir it well,
Nice and hot,
We are cooking tasty soup,
For the dinner!
(Русская версия в подкате)

You also can play "Hot potato" Children love this game!

Ok , soup is ready, and it is time for stories around fire place! I choose my favourite: Froggy -Boaster, illustrated by Suteev.
This is very nice story about little Froggy who made a fun of his friend because they did not know how to swim....Finally they sail so fast, and left Froggy far away behind their boat!
So, we built the boat in the same way as friends did!

Do you hear this sound? Oh, no!!!!It is mosquito! Hide in tent!

It is night time! We need light!

We closed the door and were sitting quietly-quietly.....and listen to the sounds.....

We heard mosquito, rain, owl, grass hoper, wolf....Oh, that was scary!
And finally came our teacher Galia and call us to the craft table!
That was wonderful trip and we decided to make a lilly pad from the pond where our little friends build a boat. Look what we made:

Sure, we should make a little frog but that really was time for nap...

So, see you next time and here for more wonderful summer ideas!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back to the big water.

We continue to learn about the ocean and its inhabitants. I was looking for special craft for this theme and I found gorgeous one! There is a lot of jelly fishes in internet but those just exited me a lot!

That is how we made them:
You need:

Two deep bowls;
Two googly eyes;
Ribbons - diversity
Hole puncher
Piece of double sided tape

You can paint or cover with pieces of tissue paper one bowl outside.
Make a few holes on the bottom of second bowl. It is very good exercise for children to lace ribbons through the hole. Do it as much as possible. Make a small hole on the middle of painted bowl and fix the thread with double sided tape inside. Fold them together and stack with double sided tape. Make a holes on the edge of bowls and let children lace them with the ribbon. Attach some more ribbons to the ribbon which laced edge.
Our jelly fishes didn't look so pretty but I love when they do lace for fine motor skills!
Those jelly fishes made by older children, who tied ribbons on the edge.

Happy fishing! See you soon again!

I think I still have time to participate with those fishes  hereand here!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

3D printer... it is real!

Do you that soon we are going to make anything for life with 3D printer? Can you image that your shoes are printed at home on printer? Celebrities have some of  their outfits printed on 3D printer.(source) Did you hear that? Ok, what about bread or tomato printed like that. Sounds weird, but yesterday my daughter brought for me a tea pot, printed on 3D printer...

Can you image that????

Under the sea

If you read my post about flying jelly fish, just let you know there was a lesson a play with the jelly fish))
Yes, we discussed under the sea life, counting diamonds in pirates chest,we were fishing ocean creatures - nothing special.

But.....OMG, look here!

Let it go down, attach some ribbons as a legs,

Let it go up, take off those extra legs!

Teach children to play gently with the toy, push it nicely to your friend, pull it to yourself and move around!

We were playing around 20 minutes and children wanted to continue, but that was time for art.

that day I had children ages 2 to 5 so our octopuses looked different, youngest children just played with play dough and made a prints with shells and plastic turtle.
That is what we made 

Children still exited about our jelly fish and I promised to bring it again!

Vacation, vacation!

"Why did you come with this backpack?
Why do you wear this hat?
Why are you wearing sunglasses?"
Children bombarded me with a million question!
"Guess why?"
"I know! You are going for vacation!"

Yes! We are going together! And this is our ticket! 

So, let's start!

Turn on an Engines!
Spread wings!

"Let's do left turn, let's do right turn! Shake a wings! and land!
Hey! there is our suit case. Let's look what is inside:

At this point children can guess what is inside and you may take it out, or just put on the floor and ask children questions what belongs to things for vacations, what belongs to girls, to boys, why we don't need winter hat, what is flippers, why we doing snorkelling, what is missing for snorkelling and many others.
Give them a chance to dress up and play!

sometimes happens like that

 Now we ready to go to the beach!

I used sand paper to make a beach and my favourite wrapping paper to create a water. There are some real shells and some plastic toys to let children to discuss what we can find on the beach. I also used a wonderful book "What lives in the shell?" by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld  and flash cards about beach.

We can find gigantic shells on the beach and hear sound of the sea inside!

Some shells include pearls, and we discuss how may it happen...

This is my favourite part - we are popping the bubbles on wrapping paper !

and counting rocks.... No, we still popping bubbles)))

We also were listening and guessing sound of the sea and ocean: seagulls, waves on the beach, waves on the rocks,(what is difference), ships sounds(bell and siren)....

We had a beautiful vacation on the beach!


I enjoyed our vacations with children, but this part of my lesson I failed.....
My idea was to used a send play dough for sculpturing. I found a couple recipes in internet and they sounded good. Yes, I tried it day before and I made this star fish, which actually wasn't too bad...

But next day play dough wasn't working( On my luck, I had a few pieces of play dough, so we made our shells with regular play dough.
If you have any ideas about sand play dough I will very appreciate your contribution to my lesson plan!


Hey, everyone!
Next time we are going under the water! Join our under sea trip!