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Sunday, 22 January 2017

100 languages of children.

Yesterday I participated in a workshop hosted by Joanne Marie Babalis "100 language of children" in St. Catherine. That was really amazing time. Through this workshop many of ECE teachers were interested to learn about old toys. At this time I would like to share a master class of Zoya Pinigina
How to make a Bunny on the finger.

It is really necessary for child to participate in a process of the creation this toy. Bunny could be used in the home and in kindergartens in the music classroom. Playing with finger Bunny on the finger develops coordination, sense of rhythm, gives the joy of communication and positive emotions from the game. You can make bunnies in a different colours and create a story, poems, fairy tales, hide bunny in a hand and encourage child to catch  it. Use your imagination and develop play!

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