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Thursday, 25 August 2016

August - End of Summer

Today we will talk about end of Summer. Days become shorter, in an air are flying tiny webs - the spiders traveling around to find a safe place. It still warm outside, but more often we can feel cool breath of Fall. It means Indian Summer coming. It is very hot time for farmers - they are harvesting vegetables, fruits and grain crops. Today we are talking how important is job of farmers for our society.
Harvesting crain crops.

Why we need so much grains?
Our children discussed - How and what we can make with grain.
They explore different kind of grain and talk about similar and differences.
At this time we suddenly decided to make a bread....Is it easy?
At least we can try it!
So, Internet, as always, is helpful.
Wonderful recipe:
1 part of process:
·       1 tbs of east (I took dry french)
·       2  tbs of sugar
·       3 tbs of flour
·       300 ml warm water
keep in warm place 15 min
after add
2 part of process:
·       1 ts of salt
·       4 tbs of oil

It takes around two cups of flour to knead a dough. First with spoon after with hand (children enjoyed this part, the whole process was just WOW!)

Make a pastries and let to grow for 5- 15 min. 350 * F oven and you done in 25-30 min.
When children woke up they had amazing snack - healthy and so tasty!
Look how our children enjoyed the process!

·       1 ст.л. дрожжей сухих (лучше всего получается из активных или простых быстродействущих, без добавок для сдобы или пицы)
·       2 ст.л. сахара
·       3 ст.л. муки
·       300 мл теплой воды или молока (я делаю на воде)
2 этап:
·       1 ч.л. соли

·       1/3 чашки растительного масла (чашка объемом 250 мл)
·       мука (у меня уходит 2-2,5 стакана, обычных граненых)
link to website, which shared this recipe
Приятного апетита! 

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