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Sunday, 22 May 2016

X ray for sick doggy or Как мы придумали рентгеновский аппарат

Today we explored our body. Doll Katia brought her little doggy to our Day Care. Tommy is sad, he does not want to play, to eat and we understand that he is not feeling well... Honestly, we tried our best: six doctors from our class take care about Tommy - they do needles, bandage paws, check the temperature.... nothing helps! Tommy still very sad.... So Katia took him to the vet office to do X Ray. Can you look inside your body? We know - we have arms, we have legs, ears, eyes, mouth, whole body.... But what do you think we have inside?
 Children think...
-Heart, It is here, in our chest!
 -Blood... When I cut my finger it was bleeding...
Could you try your arm? Touch the elbow... touch your knees... Do you feel something hard inside your body?
It is bone!!!!
Look what I have here!(I found inside Halloween box a skeleton.) 
It is scary!! I know we can see that at Halloween!

It is not scary. Every person has a skeleton inside, If you touch you chest, you will feel different bones, we called them ribs. they prevent our heart from any damage. Heart is very important it is something as a motor for the car.

But how we can see what is inside our body? X Ray will help us.
Do you see the sunshine? Sunshine let us see everything around us, X Ray helps to see inside our body.
Katia took her doggy to vet clinic and doctor made a X ray picture, Oh, Look what happens! Doggy swallowed whole hamburger and now his tummy hurts. Bones are hard and only them we can see on the picture, Can you guess, what do you see on X ray pictures?\

Now we can create whole human 's X Ray picture.
Children completed whole picture with masking tape.

 I want my own X Ray picture! asking children
So lets do that!