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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Little golden needles and no sew sock toys,

At this time in our class 6 boys and 16 girls.... My girls obsessed making dolls, Our first creations here:

Finished and unfinished dolls.

Dolls with beans.

Birds and bunnies.

Little rainbow owl.

Two funny cats.

Turtle, octopus, angry bunny, grey cat a and Stripped monster.

If you would like to know process in details, feel free to contact me!

Have fun with socks creations!

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  1. Ах, какие забавные куколки! очень милые!
    Благодарим за участие в Детской галерее.
    Мила, поздравляю с весной! Радости, успехов, вдохновения и здоровья!!!