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Monday, 21 December 2015

Something little for tiny gift.

Wow... A few day for Christmas! Children's parties started and we create new and new adventure for our little ones. Today I met Grandpa Fros and his Granddaughter. So much fun and presents!

It is a wonderful team of teachers and their families!
But behind the parties we are working on our presents.
Our class was about little pine tree, growing in the forest and has a lot of friends. And how it happens in stories - we had a happy end! Little boy decorated tree in a forest and tree  brought a lot of joy and fun for many-many years. 
Little children created pine tree. they looked gorgeous!

 Next class we will decorate them with sparkles.
Come and see how it will look like!
Older children created new play dough ornaments and paint them!

They put a lot of effort on those works!

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