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Monday, 12 October 2015

Как мы играли в индейцев or Happy Thanksgiving!

That is a wonderful celebration of Autumn Thanksgiving...The Nature become incredible colourful, weather still quiet and nice. Thanksgiving 2015 came to us exactly like that.Why do not say "Thanks" to everyone around the World? Thanks my Family that you are and supporting me in this world, friends that you exist and we can have fun and share hard time together...Thank you Lord that we have this turkey and bread for our dinner. Many, many thanks for small thing those happen every day and make our lives bright and happy...
We celebrating thanksgiving with the book
Who are Indians? Why pilgrims said them "Thank You!"? - that were important points of our today's games.

Indians do canoeing!

Indians do fishing!

Indians do growing corn, pumpkins and apples!

And they brought roasted turkey for pilgrims who were suffering from hunger!

Those are our turkeys!

If you would like to see how we were hunting it, come and look tomorrow!


  1. Ой, как забавно! Надо же какие милые маски получились! И индюки классные!!!

    1. ochen' lodka okazalas' populyarnoj. tam s dvux storon kolokol'chiki i veslom nuzhno bylo kosnut'sya chtob kolokol'chik zazvenel. Nu ochen' okazalos' v temu)))

  2. Хороша идея с личиками!) забавные фото получились)