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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Soup for dolls

Today we cooked a soup for dolls. We were talking again about Harvest, crops, vegetables, which are growing in our garden, but at this time we were thinking that our doll who was helping her parents in the garden is hungry. Let's make a soup for Kathy!
First we were talking about vegetables - whose are ok for soup and why we can't put lemon or strawberry in soup? How we need to prepare veggies for soup - wash them cut in pieces and what we need for it - knives, boards...

Put vegetables in a pot and we need - ??? That was tricky)) children went to our drama centre to explore it and found that we need a stove!!!! and while our soup was cooking we went to dance, 

Oh.... We forgot something!

Our chief does not have a smack!!! let's help him to make it.
Children practising draw the lines from top to the bottom, but older tried to create pattern with colourful lines. Look how they look like now!

Lesson plan in Russian you can find here

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