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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

In the garden, in the garden - Fall is coming now!

Today we continued to talk with children about Harvest. Children remember that we have already mentioned as the harvester gathers the wheat grain, as the drum rotates the feed grain on the threshing machine and then how on the  mill grain was grounded into the flour.
Children discussed vegetables yjose growing in the garden. Hey! do you see an apple on this picture?
Tommy eat in for snack! this is very healthy snack and good for Tommy's body - It has a lot of vitamines and minerals! Imagine that Tommy bites it. How the apple will look like now? And Tommy bites one more time, ond more... so finally apple look like that and we will put it in? Exactly! in a food waste bin. Ususally this bin has? Yes, green color. Do we have nim like that in our class?

Cjildren had an opportunity to touch, smell and taste all vegetables! Some of them enjoy smell herbs some did not like the smell.

Look at those mushrooms made by children!

That is my cat with the lomg long tail!

 This potato is yellow, I made a sun! and little pink piglet love it!

That was really fun tasty and cool snack today!

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