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Friday, 11 September 2015

Forest school

Congratulation to all students, parent and teachers!
New school year started!
We are talking about our older sister and brothers and why they are going to school...
Do you know why?
To have lunch!!!!
Today we discussed the routine in our day care, what we have on our shelves and what we are going to do in our day care, It is a time to talk about seasons, school staff and learn words, colors and numbers,

Hey! do you know that animals also have their forest school? Who attend it? Sure Bunny, his friend Hedgehog and certainly sly Fox and   and big grey Wolf! Teacher in forest school is  wise  aunt Owl.
Can you imagine - they have same classes that we have! Today we were learning together with our forest friends.

If you will meet wise aunt Owl say we had a lot of fun in a Forest  School!

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