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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Knock, knock...Trick or Treat, Who are you?

I am pumpkin! I am little pumpkin!!

I am spider, I`m a gigantic spider!

I am ghost, I am little ghost!

I am witch, I am little witch!
And that is not only one little witch - it is `Witch Hazel Pharmacy and we were hardly working whole week on our potions and spells!

Provocation - rat`s brain (cauliflower+ one drop blue food colouring) 

Dusty bottle.

Dragon bone, Poison Mushroom and Rat Brain! Labels in process)) 

Creating recipe

Exploring ingredients))

Components of spell

Dead potion))

Making old paper ( instant coffee)

Lissy`s potion( flowers and herbs in water)
If you are have more question, always welcome!
Party - tomorrow!

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