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Friday, 17 October 2014

Thanksgiving hunting.

As I mention in posts last year american football appeared from turkey hunting. My children would like to do that activity again, but this year my children decided to hunt many different animals!!! We started to learn about aboriginal people and how they were hunting animals to get them for food.
My children were very excited to see pictures of native people!

Children made a research and find out that Indians were hunting turkey, moose, rabbit, bear. The teacher from another class said that her Father is hunter and he also hunted a wild pig. Children looked what is a difference between wild pig and farm pig and they were surprised!
Mary said: "I would like to make a pig, but the big pig is so scary, i will make a wild piggy!"
Dave:" I want to make a moose! I would like to make it big as real!"
Other children decided to make turkey, bear,bunny.
The best material in our opinion was paper mashe.
See how it happened:

Another day

Goes to dry!

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