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Saturday, 11 October 2014

How do animals share food

We continued to talk about upcoming winter and how animals survive through it.
If you look my post before here, you will find a story-noisemaker "Winter in the forest".
To help children better understand it I set up my harvest basket in this way:

"Hey! Look what I bring you today! This is my harvest basket with vegetables and fruits! But I here weird sound...did you?"
I used the same musical instruments as I used with children to tell the story "Winter in the forest"
And children heard that!!! They recognize the sound how squirrels cracked nuts and mice  nibbled (chomped) grain.
So, we look in the basket and find there 
Mouse, Rabbit (Bunny), Hedgehog, Squirrel.
Why they hiding there? Oh, yes! They are looking for the food!
Let's help them to find their food.
What does Bunny eat?
Carrot, Cabbage, Apple (sure!), 
What does Mouse eat?
Grain, maybe Carrot, maybe Pumpkin?
What does Hedgehog eat?
Apples, Apples!!!!
What does Squirrel eat?
Nuts and mushrooms!!!
We were jumping as a Bunnies, crawling as a Hedgehog, singing as a Mouse and knocking wooden sticks as a Squirrel!
Join us and 

Have fun!

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For planning this lesson I have used story-noisemaker and songs of Catherine and Sergey Zheleznov. 

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