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Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Little red house....reading again

I love this amazing story, which my teacher in college shared with us. Now I found the story here, in Miss B's classroom and want to share with you the story and my experience.
I hide in by Basket- Suitcase all the characters: farm animals, little girl, and musical instruments.(The Story-noisemaker you can find somewhere in next post). Children had a musical instruments and guessed the sounds, which characters made. We had a lot of fun.
Suddenly, we start to talk about the town, full of red houses...Red, yellow or green! Do you know where that town is?

To create this wonderful orchard you will need:
10 little hands;
5 brown paper lunch bags;
5 sheets  of green tissue paper;
5 brown paper towel rolls
A lot red, yellow and green round stickers (we also used for older children crumpled tissue paper and glue with white glue)
Tonnes of news paper to stuff lunch bags.
And a lot of fun with ripping and  crumpling news paper!

Have fun!

And visit my blog to see our new activities!

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