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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Home amulet made by yourself. Doll Zernovushka.

We continue to explore harvest and today we were talking about folk doll "Croupenichka" or "Zernovushka" - the doll which made by yourself with any kind of croups.
At the end of harvest time people collect different time of croups and created small doll with them inside. This doll symbolized richness of harvest pray for next harvest time.

This doll has several names: Zernushka, Zernovushka, Krupenichka, Sweetpea. And it may look a little different, depending on the area where it does. But the foundation of her total - inside dolls grain.
Values ​​of cereals in Zernovushke:
Buckwheat - satiety and wealth, traditionally filled doll is this grain.
Rice - the most expensive grain, on a holiday;
Barley - satiety;
Oats - by force.
You can put all cereals. Also at the bottom of the doll would sometimes put a coin.

We were talking with my little children about the Bunny who stills a carrot and cabbage from our garden. We played the game "BUNNY" on the tune "Ringa, ringa roses"

Bunny jumping slowly,
Bunny jumping faster,
Ash a, ash a
Jump in hole!
Bunny's sitting quiet,
Bunny looks around -
If there hunter looks for 
At this moment "Hunter" walks around and looks who is not hiding eyes with hands! Everyone wants to be hunter!!!!

We decided to make a bunny doll and stuff it with croups. This doll has a great value for children as made by them self, safe and nice to touch in in little hands,
To make the process easier I used socks and plastic needle. For very young children I put string inside before but older children were able to do it by themselves with my help.
       Look what we made!

The full workshop how to make a Zernovushka you can find here and here

My children were so exited to play with their bunny!

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