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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bunny on the carrot patch or again about handmade toys

Why Bunny again and again is coming to carrot and cabbage patch???
We are talking with my children how wild animals will survive in Winter... We discussed why the hedgehog collect mushrooms and apples, mice collect grain and squirrels jump from branch to branch and collect pine cones and nuts. Yes, they prepare for long long Winter. They are working hard now so, they will feel safe later!!! And we decided to make it loud!
So, read careful and choose correct musical instruments!

Fall is always coming after summer; and  winter time is always after fall. So, wild animals start to prepare for long and cold winter with no food and no warm sunshine.
Mice run through the forest from the early morning till evening, collecting food for the winter (1)
Squirrels jump from branch to branch, collecting nuts (2)
Suddenly  the sky turn darker and darker  and  then snowflakes  start to fall down(3)
Snow covers the ground like a fluffy white blanket.(Children wave arms)
And prints of small feet  appear on the snow  (4)
Squirrels are building houses  in the trees.(4a)
Mice  are hiding in their holes and making  nests out of grass (5)
Everyone has a lot of food.
Squirrels crack nuts (6)
Mice  chomp grains  (7)
Cold  wind blow  In the forest (8)
But squirrels are warm in the nests (9)
And mice are good in their little holes (10). -

You will need: castanets, cymbals, bell, bells, package, guiro.

1 - quickly shaken castanets
2 - knock castanets palm
3 - Play on the bell
4 - Play on a bells(Triangle)
5 - package
6 - carry a stick on guiro slowly
7 - castanets
8 - blow and say "Woooooooo!"
9 - clicks her tongue
10 - Pi-pi-pi 

Start with music and let your children tell the story and accompany it with
Percussion musical instruments.
For this class you also can prepare several ziplock bags with different types of grain such as buckwheat, rice, flour, peas; so children can touch it and explore difference visually. 
Do you think we stop? No, we continue to make a Bunny! Look what we made today -

Finger Puppet "Bunny on the finger"!

How to make a bunny:

Detailed workshop from Zoya Pinigina is here. Enjoy the dolls made by golden hands!

For planning this lesson I have used story-noisemaker and songs of Catherine and Sergey Zheleznov. 

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