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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Easy beaded ring


I found how to challenge my children! Tutorial is here!
Enjoy easy beading for real artist! We are!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Breakfast for Cathy

We start to talk about time - children 2-3 years are aware about seasons, day night changes and routine during the day (hours).  We learn time on the clock easy - it is time when Mom coming - big arm on 12, small arm on 5. Parents are very good they always in time!
Today we talking why Cathy was late in school.
Alarm was ringing but Cathy was sleeping....
Wake up, Cathy!!!
1. Do exercises! (Morning gymnastic - children do exercises and properly breath)
2. Wash your face and teeth! (We explore artificial soap bar, discuss colour and shape, rub hands and sing "ABC"- song)
3. We brush our hair
4. Set up breakfast.
This part has a target give children understanding good manners at table and correct food choice.
We continue to learn colours, shapes and what we need for breakfast st the table.

Finally we created plate for Cathy with taste and healthy breakfast



Thursday, 25 September 2014

Our wickerwork - beading not for girls only.

My children become  obsessed with beading. You will be surprised to see all my 12 boys at the craft table! They are making butterfly and dragonfly for their sisters, mams, dads... and this " beading infection" spreads around whole program and our school looks like huge butterfly and dragonfly conservatory! Sometimes you might see bees and lizards and I feel like we should star something more difficult. For this week we created:

Bee for Jewish New Year

Beading is real boys activity!

In progres 


New idea for beading

Next step - Dragon!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bunny on the carrot patch or again about handmade toys

Why Bunny again and again is coming to carrot and cabbage patch???
We are talking with my children how wild animals will survive in Winter... We discussed why the hedgehog collect mushrooms and apples, mice collect grain and squirrels jump from branch to branch and collect pine cones and nuts. Yes, they prepare for long long Winter. They are working hard now so, they will feel safe later!!! And we decided to make it loud!
So, read careful and choose correct musical instruments!

Fall is always coming after summer; and  winter time is always after fall. So, wild animals start to prepare for long and cold winter with no food and no warm sunshine.
Mice run through the forest from the early morning till evening, collecting food for the winter (1)
Squirrels jump from branch to branch, collecting nuts (2)
Suddenly  the sky turn darker and darker  and  then snowflakes  start to fall down(3)
Snow covers the ground like a fluffy white blanket.(Children wave arms)
And prints of small feet  appear on the snow  (4)
Squirrels are building houses  in the trees.(4a)
Mice  are hiding in their holes and making  nests out of grass (5)
Everyone has a lot of food.
Squirrels crack nuts (6)
Mice  chomp grains  (7)
Cold  wind blow  In the forest (8)
But squirrels are warm in the nests (9)
And mice are good in their little holes (10). -

You will need: castanets, cymbals, bell, bells, package, guiro.

1 - quickly shaken castanets
2 - knock castanets palm
3 - Play on the bell
4 - Play on a bells(Triangle)
5 - package
6 - carry a stick on guiro slowly
7 - castanets
8 - blow and say "Woooooooo!"
9 - clicks her tongue
10 - Pi-pi-pi 

Start with music and let your children tell the story and accompany it with
Percussion musical instruments.
For this class you also can prepare several ziplock bags with different types of grain such as buckwheat, rice, flour, peas; so children can touch it and explore difference visually. 
Do you think we stop? No, we continue to make a Bunny! Look what we made today -

Finger Puppet "Bunny on the finger"!

How to make a bunny:

Detailed workshop from Zoya Pinigina is here. Enjoy the dolls made by golden hands!

For planning this lesson I have used story-noisemaker and songs of Catherine and Sergey Zheleznov. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Home amulet made by yourself. Doll Zernovushka.

We continue to explore harvest and today we were talking about folk doll "Croupenichka" or "Zernovushka" - the doll which made by yourself with any kind of croups.
At the end of harvest time people collect different time of croups and created small doll with them inside. This doll symbolized richness of harvest pray for next harvest time.

This doll has several names: Zernushka, Zernovushka, Krupenichka, Sweetpea. And it may look a little different, depending on the area where it does. But the foundation of her total - inside dolls grain.
Values ​​of cereals in Zernovushke:
Buckwheat - satiety and wealth, traditionally filled doll is this grain.
Rice - the most expensive grain, on a holiday;
Barley - satiety;
Oats - by force.
You can put all cereals. Also at the bottom of the doll would sometimes put a coin.

We were talking with my little children about the Bunny who stills a carrot and cabbage from our garden. We played the game "BUNNY" on the tune "Ringa, ringa roses"

Bunny jumping slowly,
Bunny jumping faster,
Ash a, ash a
Jump in hole!
Bunny's sitting quiet,
Bunny looks around -
If there hunter looks for 
At this moment "Hunter" walks around and looks who is not hiding eyes with hands! Everyone wants to be hunter!!!!

We decided to make a bunny doll and stuff it with croups. This doll has a great value for children as made by them self, safe and nice to touch in in little hands,
To make the process easier I used socks and plastic needle. For very young children I put string inside before but older children were able to do it by themselves with my help.
       Look what we made!

The full workshop how to make a Zernovushka you can find here and here

My children were so exited to play with their bunny!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Vegetable soup for dolls

Today we continue to learn about the Harvest. Guess what we cooking today?

 We used the song

Put the veggie in the pot,
Stir it well, nice and hot!
We are cooking, veggie's soup
For the dinner
Every child chooses one vegetable and drop it in the pot, mixing with the big spoon!
We had a small group of children so we choose only six vegetables.

We also were plying with our new toy - peas.
The pod made with felt fabric and actually for peas I used green pompoms of different size.
There is 5 pompoms, we can count small and big pompoms, describe size and colours
Now we can serve the table with dishes and spoons and feed our dolls!
Bon appetite!

More activities here
Russian version under

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Vegetable colours and shapes

Usually, we try to explain children that pear might be yellow or green, apple might be small and big.
Give them an opportunity to guess what it might be in real?

Yes, may be cabbage does not look exactly, but children will find out that is cabbage!