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Friday, 29 August 2014

Math in Fall

Harvest theme is good to learn shapes, colours and names of fruit and vegetables.
Once upon a time....
there was a little moose Mussi. He was born last spring and just discover the forest confidentially. He was travelling around and explore plants in the forest. He loved berries, but there wasn't berries in the forest any more. And Mammy still did not come.... UUhu!!! cried Mussi. Suddenly he heard quiet noise in the bush.
Hey! Who is there? asked Mussi.
That was me! - two little grey ears appear above the bush.and two bright black eyes looked through the branches. - Why are you crying?- that was little Bunny.
I am hungry!!!!!!!! cried Mussi what I should eat for dinner?
Ok, Let's think... you are moose, you have for legs, you have two ears, you have two horns, you have two eyes and one tail.... Tail is short, but in fact I can tell you that you are a cow...So, you should eat as a cow!- was wondering Bunny
What are you talking about??? Who is a cow? I am not cow!!!- Mussi stopped crying and looked on Bunny.
I think, I know where we can get food for you! But...there is somebody Tall who is waving his arms... so scary...-whispered Bunny
Let's go, I am not scary, let's go get food!!! said Mussi and they moved forward.
Where do you think they came?
Guess who was waving arms there?
Can Mussi find food there?
Where growing vegetables and fruit?
Understanding concept "on"and "in",

Sing and dance together!

Children create circle and walking in one direction. When its starts about veggies, child, who present that vegetable comes inside the circle and dancing. now he or she choose another child who present next vegetable and coming back to the circle. children change direction.


  1. Отличный материал! Спасибо, Мила! Мне он понравился ещё и по той причине, что ещё год назад скачала где - то в сети именно такие овощи - так что у нас и творчество по теме будет. :)

    1. Пользуйтесь, я попозже русский стишок на эту песенку выложу