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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Turkey bowling

Do you know why do Americans play a football all three days of Thanksgiving?
Look at this guy! I think he is very good player! I feel he wants to score, no.... knock  out the bird!

 Guess which? Sure, turkey! That was surprise for me when I found somewhere in internet this information. Look at this picture!(source Wikipedia)

So? Why we can not play on Thanksgiving? No, we are not going to play football... we will play "Turkeyball"!

 You will need at least 10 children who want to play this game;
Easy template to draw a turkey;
Crayons or paint to colour it;
Plastic bottle with water (water makes it stable);
Two pumpkins medium size;
Tape - sticky and any tape to make a line.

Draw the turkey and color it.

Cut out and tape on the bottle.

Go out and find nice flat field with grass.( You can play also on pavement but game will finish fast because you will crack the pumpkin. At list you will have another science project to explore what is inside the pumpkin...)

Ok, you can play in classroom if you children will not throw the pumpkin as a player on the picture!
Make two teams and put them on the line. Put turkeys in from of children.
Let children shoot the turkeys in pairs and count haunted turkeys.

Can you imagine? Girls won!!!!

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