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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Crumpled apple and 3D pumpkin.

Nothing new! Impressed by the harvest basket children decided to make a vegetable and fruit collage. What techniques they choose? They are very good to work with tissue paper;

 but suddenly Michel told: "Do you remember , last Christmas we made a round paper ornament? I would like to make a 3D pumpkin, is it possible? "
Yes , why not?
I think there are  many tutorials  in internet about this toy. We just reminded what we will need:
1 and 1/2 page construction paper
Scissors, ruler, pencil
Hole puncher,
Two pipe cleaners
Piece of green construction paper for leaf
Divide paper with ruler and pencil in half,(you will need approximately 3 halfs)
 and after in stripes around 2 cm
Cut rectangles and make with hole puncher holes at the end of each side
put the bead on the end of pipe cleaner (choose the colour according to your fruit or vegetable)
Cut last half in half along and make a paper pipe (fix with tape or glue.
Now put 14-16 rectangles on the pipe cleaner.
Put the paper pipe on the pipe cleaner as well. That will keep your stripes at the bottom and top.

Now you should strung rectangles on the pipe cleaner, starting from very bottom, one by one.
Watch children if they are doing it neatly one by one, do not  miss any one!
Finally you will get perfect ball. Or almost perfect.
Fix the top with another bead and finish steam with the leaf.
Let me know if you have any problem!

Fix the top with another bead and finish steam with the leaf.
Let me know if you have any problem!

These green stripes

are for watermelon. We decided to draw dark green stripes on each rectangle.

It has seeds inside!

Ready for Thanksgiving!


  1. Мила, это просто гениально! Спасибо!

  2. Стараюсь от вас"пекарей" не отставать, но слабо получается. Я даже читать не успеваю!

  3. Fun for Fall. I featured these in my Kid's Co-Op post recently:

    1. Thank you! I try to find something new for my children and they actually develop all my ideas a lot!