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Monday, 30 September 2013

Harvest Time!

Today we explored HARVEST! Ok , we had a trip to the farm and we observed how apples and pumpkin growing up; but I was surprised many of my children still have no idea how are certain vegetables and fruit  growing! So, today we discovered different fall crops! Oh, wow! Do you know that you might use the beets as a blush? Do you know what is chokeberry? Oh, you may have it instead the ink!!!!Or make a juice! Where the bread growing actually? How to make a flour? What is common between eggplant and tomato? Why eggplant called like that? That only little part of questions which children asked!

We explored some vegetables by cutting them in half, so we could see what is inside. They were very interested if any apple such as crab apple and other have a star inside. Look! Star in this apple looks like David's star! yes, surprisingly that star had 6 rays instead 5!

 Children noticed that tomato and eggplant have same location seeds inside and it looks like flower! Children guessed that tomato and eggplant  are from same family probably. 

We discovered new berries for us, such as viburnum or guelder rose, chokeberry. They find out that viburnum had only one bone inside and a lot of juice; chokeberry was not so juicy but its slice looked like an apple slice.


So many discoveries! And it is only beginning!


  1. Как замечательно у Вас прошло знакомство с дарами осени! :) Очень аппетитная симпатичная корзинка! На фото видно, с каким интересом дети изучают её содержимое. :)

    1. Спасибо Катя, это проект, двухнедельный как минимум об осенних праздниках у нас их два, второй я не очень жалую, но дети очень любят, деваться некуда, заходите, мы много чего придумали с ребятами в рамках этого проекта!

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  2. Wow! This is very intersting :) (especially for childerns)