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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Apple Farm trip

That was my luck, I just remind myself this wonderful story about little red house and WE HAD A TRIP ON APPLE FARM!!!!
Day was sunny and warm, so my children enjoyed riding school bus. Who-ho! We are finally  on the farm and entered an apple orchard. Some rows were done already, but there still were a lot of apples!

Do you know that an apple and pumpkin have the same parts of body? Such as skin, ribs, eye and bellybutton!

Corn maze....Yes, it is fun, certainly...If you don't have 5 little children running around the hallways...

Do you see this little red circle on the left side? That actually part which we discovered with my children. But even that was more than enough!

We really had a fun on the farm. And next day we were talking about little red house... The name of little girl was Ashley. At this time but it may be Katia, Masha or Maria, does not matter. Children every time enjoyed listening that story.

About little red house with no windows, no doors, no chimney on top, but with little star inside. 

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