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Monday, 30 September 2013

Harvest Time!

Today we explored HARVEST! Ok , we had a trip to the farm and we observed how apples and pumpkin growing up; but I was surprised many of my children still have no idea how are certain vegetables and fruit  growing! So, today we discovered different fall crops! Oh, wow! Do you know that you might use the beets as a blush? Do you know what is chokeberry? Oh, you may have it instead the ink!!!!Or make a juice! Where the bread growing actually? How to make a flour? What is common between eggplant and tomato? Why eggplant called like that? That only little part of questions which children asked!

We explored some vegetables by cutting them in half, so we could see what is inside. They were very interested if any apple such as crab apple and other have a star inside. Look! Star in this apple looks like David's star! yes, surprisingly that star had 6 rays instead 5!

 Children noticed that tomato and eggplant have same location seeds inside and it looks like flower! Children guessed that tomato and eggplant  are from same family probably. 

We discovered new berries for us, such as viburnum or guelder rose, chokeberry. They find out that viburnum had only one bone inside and a lot of juice; chokeberry was not so juicy but its slice looked like an apple slice.


So many discoveries! And it is only beginning!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Apple Farm trip

That was my luck, I just remind myself this wonderful story about little red house and WE HAD A TRIP ON APPLE FARM!!!!
Day was sunny and warm, so my children enjoyed riding school bus. Who-ho! We are finally  on the farm and entered an apple orchard. Some rows were done already, but there still were a lot of apples!

Do you know that an apple and pumpkin have the same parts of body? Such as skin, ribs, eye and bellybutton!

Corn maze....Yes, it is fun, certainly...If you don't have 5 little children running around the hallways...

Do you see this little red circle on the left side? That actually part which we discovered with my children. But even that was more than enough!

We really had a fun on the farm. And next day we were talking about little red house... The name of little girl was Ashley. At this time but it may be Katia, Masha or Maria, does not matter. Children every time enjoyed listening that story.

About little red house with no windows, no doors, no chimney on top, but with little star inside. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

A little round red house...

Do you know the story about little red house with no window, no door and chimney and with the little star inside?If you still did not read this story to your children it is time to do that!
Fall is time for harvest. It is the best time to explore with children any harvest things:
You can :

  • Explore corn and talk discuss with children Thanksgiving; they will enjoy tear leaves and make a doll with ! Do you have any idea how many rows has any corn cob?
  • Talk with children about pumpkin  and Halloween. Discover what  is inside the pumpkin, make a mosaic with coloured pumpkin seeds and pumpkin house for little mouse.

  • Discuss with children apple life cycle and play a puppet show with your soft toys about little red house...

Fall is a wonderful time when we can get from Mother Nature all her presents.... So, be thanks-full and tell your child to be respectful to Nature.
At the end of the class we were making a play dough apples. To make it easy for older children i made for them a card:

  1. Make a red play dough ball
  2. Make a smaller green play dough ball. Squeeze it from one side with fingers( make a drop) and make it flat. It will be a leaf
  3. Make 3-4 yellow very skinny sausages - stack it to red ball and flat it - for very young children - avoid this step.
  4. Make  brown small sausage - it will be stem.
  5. Make small brown ball - it will be place of flower.
  6. Connect all parts together.
  7. Dry it for a few days or bake it in oven 2-3 hours. 

Fall - is time for Harvest! 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy New School Year!!!!

Did you think I died on camping? No, I am STILL alive! STILL because I am hardly working on Lesson plans "ORFF CURRICULUM". There is some tips check it and I will tell you how it is working in my point of view.

We started our new Musical-Singing-Speaking-Dancing Journey! Join us! Everyone is welcome, everyone can play!

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