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Monday, 29 July 2013

Wonderful Summer 6.Long trip of the little ant.

Today our curriculum was based on the story about The Little Ant by Valentin Bianki, famous Russian writer. Today we should to review all our previous lessons about Nature: animals, bugs, insects and amphibians. So let's start!
Once upon a time in big dark forest beside old birch was an ant hill. Big family of little ants was living there. that was huge house with entrances and hallways , storages and rooms. Ants were working hard from sunrise to sunset. they were bringing food to food storages, repair and renovate anthill;

 but there was one little, very curious ant Freddy, who always was asking many question. He got closer to the birch and looked up. "What is there, hight above?" He decided to go up along the birch. He climbed and climbed, climbed and climbed and finally reached top of the tree. He stopped on the leaf and looked around:"WOW....There is a lot of different sites around our anthill....Big water, yellow field, green meadow valley.....The leaf was old and had tiny stem. Suddenly wind blows and leaf fly in the air!
"Nooooooooo!" yelled Freddy watching how fast change surroundings - anthill disappeared behind the pond, the  leaf was flying above the yellow field and got a spill exactly on the edge of the forest. Freddy  frozen for a while, looked around and get try to rise. Leg was hurt and he couldn't step on it. At that time sun started to go down..."No!" whispered Freddy -"I am going to be late to my house!What I should do?"
And he started to cry...
"Hey! Why you crying?"  - he herd the vice. Freddy looked around and descried Spider who was swinging on the net.
"Wind blow my leaf away from my Anthill , dropped it here, I hurt my legs, Sun goes down, my house going to be locked, but I cant  reach it in time...." was crying Freddy.
And.... of course different animals helped Freddy to get his house
Spider brought him on the meadow, Lady bug helped him to reach field, Rabbit brought him to the pond, Frog helped arrived on another side of the pond and Dragonfly put him on the birch beside Freddy's Anthill.
And Freddy arrived exactly in time!
During this activity children pretended to be an animals, insects and reptilians, showed how they were moving, sounding; they arranged surrounding for their animals or insects.
I didn't have time to take pictures because we absorbedly were playing Bianky's tale.
I just want to share with my friends this wonderful story about little ant as an opportunity to play with children role play game which included Science, Math, Literature, teach children mutual help and communication.
A little bit of imagination and ....

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