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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wonderful Summer 2 - Grassland (Lesson plan for preschoolers)

Ok, Summer is rainy this year.... If it is rainy day we still can walk to different places!
Today we are going to make a trip to grassland!
Our lessons usually start with reminding what we learn last time. So, we were talking about clothes which we have to wear when we going in very sunny place. I have one child who is allergic to sun screen, so we decided that Don should wear very white and thin parka and hat with  large fields, everyone should remember about bottle with water and sun glasses. Ready? Follow the leader!
At this point we learning walking in line or pairing (older children help younger to walk properly and we usually doing one or two circles around the class room)
Look at this green carpet! What do you think is it? Sure, grass!
We discussed flowers, bugs, insects which we can meet in field.
That is how we started:

Unfortunately, we had very busy time and I did'n have an opportunities to take a picture.
So, just  look at my collection of toys which we use to play "grass country".

In our Journey we  created it step by step with discussion which insects are living in the field, why, how they linked  to each other.( Bee is collecting honey from meadow flowers, grass hopper is green because he has a lot of enemies, flowers are bright and big because there is a lot of sun, lady bug is not green because she has a protection from her enemies) Oh... that was amazing story about field)
Some activities covered Math: comparing sizes of flowers, making pattern,learning colours, counting flowers and lady bug dots.
Also we were listening a sounds of our meadow valley and we also heard COW, SHEEP and GOATS! Why????Because... Discuss it with children! They will be happy to tell you everything they know!!!
Our trip to the grass country happened before Father's day. So we decided to make for our Dads Paper holder "Lady Bug"

Lady Bug has a rock inside , so it is pretty heavy and certainly can protect papers from the wind!

Next time we planned to go to the forest! Hey, you are scared to meet a wolf, aren't you?

So, See you next time!

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Join us!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Indoor, outdoor... wonderful Summer!!!

A few years ago my daughter brought this game from her Summer camp. I found it interesting, but there wan no occasions to play at that time. Suddenly I remembered this game a few day ago. We tried it with my co-worker and just got fun. So, on those sunny days outside my children had a competition with elastic bands.
You will need a few shoe laces, few elastic bands and couple blocks, ( that might be and cans, containers, block and anything also, what you can grab with the elastic band).

How to play? Just look at our pictures!!

Trust me - you will have fun!


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Let's go to the pond! (Lesson plan for preschoolers)

Hey! The weather is awful, rainy days do not let us even go outside for walk...((

Ok! We have our imagination! Let's go to the pond!

1. First we made a sunny day in our classroom.
Can show how does sun send sunshine to us?
lyrics from here
Oh Mister Sun, Sun.
Mister Golden Sun.
Won't you please shine down on me?

Oh Mister Sun, Sun.
Mister Golden Sun.
Hiding behind the tree.

These little children
are asking you.
To please come out
so we can play with you.

Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
Mister Golden Sun.
Won't you please shine down on me?

Smile each others! Look how sunny our classroom is now!

You also can look and find something special about sun here

We will have a wonderful trip today, we are going to explore a pond. Do you know who is living there?
What kind of plants are growing there?Let's look our picture book "Pond'(The picture book means flesh cards or handmade book or just printed pictures from internet collection, i made like that)

Children guessed who is who, which sound makes each animal or insect and that we prepared for trip!

2. What we need for our trip? A backpack, a sunscreen, water bottle, huts, sun glasses.. During this activity children decide where is boys hut where girls and why, why we need sunscreen, how we can protect ourselves if we do not have the sunscreen.... They are learning how to take a turn, share and other social skills.  Finally everyone is dressed and we choose the leader - he will be first and carry the back pack!
Love this song!!!
 Calamine Lotion 

 Calamine, Calamine, Calamine Lotion 

 (Children repeat) 

 Oh no no not the lotion 
 (children repeat) 
 Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy on my little backy, backy 
 (children repeat) 
 Get the buggy, buggy spray before they get me anyway 
 (children repeat) 
(Use the spray bottle and pretend to spray)

3.Let's go! We were walking around the classroom and at this time children were improving their skills to walk in line, keep the distance, follow the  leader....
Suddenly we stopped!What is wrong? We lost!!!! and we are tired....Let's go check - where are we?

Listen the sound from that side, tssssssssss.......


Who is making this sound? Is it living on the pond? What is there? Sure children will know it!
It is the farm!

Listen from that side, tssssssssssss......( here you can add any sound I turn on traffic jam)
NO! Is sound like city!
Listen from that side - quack, quack!( There is great opportunity to discuss with children that ducks does not mean only farm!)Listen again - ribit, ribit! There you go! Line up, we almost there!

4. Usually I have a little rugs, so everyone has personal spot, it helps children sit and listen without any distraction.

Now they telling me how pond should look like:
Water, rocks, grass, reeds, frogs, snakes, lizards, fish, crab?????We discuss if crab lives in pond why not, where actually....Water lilly, hey! that is wonderful story about pond and lake!!!!!

I used bubble wrap to create water and children had a lot of fun to pop those bubbles!

Let's make our pond alive!

Did you hear this sound? Who's that? 


It is mosquito!!!

Mosquito usually appears at night, so it is time to go home!
As a memories about our trip we making a DRAGONFLY with salty dough!

It was a wonderful day and until dragonfly are baking in the stove, my children tired and hungry washed hands, eating lunch and prepare for nap time!

See you in our little community next time! 

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Father's Day Present!

Yes, Father's Day is coming soon and all teachers looking for something new to make children's Fathers happy. Nothing new((. I have found somewhere in internet great idea how to use old magazines and news papers. I decided it is too complicated for my children (Gr.1 ) but... still I started to try to make this art. And finally one by one my children were following me and look what they made!

This cup holder is wonderful gift for Daddy made by children's hands!

I added our coaster to following  collection here