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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Nursery Rhymes

It was time to learn something more special about English Nursery rhymes!
I like this wonderful book"Mother Goose" with beautiful old fashion pictures

My favourite are"Peter-Peter", "Humpty-Dumpty" "Mary- Mary" and more others. This time was special rainy day.... 

Usually we read  the book by children choice, and children choose rhyme randomly and should guess what kind of Rhyme is that. Look on our picture and guess!

There were some more staff in our bag such as pumpkin, umbrella, flowers...
We decided to talk about rain, because that was hard rainy day !

That is how rain drops look like))

 Now we try to open umbrella...

...make a rainbow...

...and create our rain picture!!!!
Yes, there were some more activities and we really were having fun by making rain and wearing rain staff!

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  1. Какое интересое занятие. Одно удовольствие смотреть. Спасибо огромое за участие в моем Креативе!!!

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