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Monday, 13 May 2013

Decoupage - what is that?

Many times i got an idea to try "decoupage" technique. Never happened... This time I started to do it with my children but before, as usually , I tried it by myself.You can get a lot of information from internet about decoupage. So, there is no secret, is it? Two hours spent to make a decoupage box... I can say from my experience that it is much easier to take a paintbrush with acrylic paint and just draw it!

This is my decoupage experience

There is another try to make a decoupage box.....that was shoe box which i painted green to make it easier combine with my napkin...Finally I took acrylic paint and fixed refine the picture with ....

                                               And this is painting on the carton board box

It should be the present for Mother's Day.

I present these boxes  here

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