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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter beaded eggs

Throughout the ages, the egg has symbolized new beginnings, the spark of creation. Traditional folk religion regards the egg as a powerful symbol of fertility, purity and rebirth. Magic rituals often use eggs to promote fertility and restore virility (of the body and mind); and to foresee the future. Eggs mean growth, protection, new beginnings, resurrection. Trough the time craftsmen used to make a beautiful souvenirs eggs which were past from one generation to next one. There are wonderful  beaded eggs created by Ukrainian craftswoman. Each of the items has a unique design passionately developed by artist.
Material: glass beads and wooden inside. (it's safe for transporting)
It's a size of a regular egg.

I also would like to introduce them here just like a sample of my sister works.


  1. Мила, это просто потрясающая красота. Такая тонкая и красивая работа. Спасибо огромное за участие в моем Креативе!!!

    1. Спасибо Лиза за теплые слова, участвую с удовольствием!