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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pipe cleaners flowers

Love it! Today outside is -7*C but in our classroom - SPRING!, bright, beautiful Spring with flowers...after 1 hour of work green pipe cleaners finished... we use brown, beige... any! Spring is bringing all bright colours! Children who were more experienced in work with pipe cleaners helped others... I make a quick guide how to band pipe cleaner for all parts of flowers...Bring Spring in your room!


You will need pipe cleaners (a LOT!)
Piece of green paper
Glue gun or white glue


This is our quick tutorial.

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  1. Какие красивые получаются цветочки. Просто прелесть. Спасибо огромное за участие в моем Креативе!!! Только ссылки на него опять нет, к сожалению.