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Monday, 11 March 2013


My friends-teachers many times asked me to make a post about pipe cleaner people. We go back again and again with it and now I download a few pictures with our people.

This is my first ugly skier, but but most lovely))
After that first try we made a hundreds of people in different ways and find the easier way to make that folk!

Jorden's girl

Lana's dreamer

Erika's skater

Abby's snowboarder

After we got an idea that we also can make an animals!

Aeriel made a reindeer with pink scarf 

Jake made a reindeer with white and brown tail
And also some other animals:

Now. on March break I decided to continue with pipe cleaners: so many benefits for children and so much fun!

SO, PIPE CLEANERS! WOO-HOO! I love this material!

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