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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Call Spring!

Snow again....We miss that wonderful day with 11*C!
How can we call SPRING? With shakers, gregors, rattles!!!! In different cultures people call it different names, but the idea is the same. So, lets call Spring with sounds!
You will need:
Paper towel rolls(we used carton-board spool)
Construction or wrapping paper(or you can just paint it)
Tissue paper for ribbons

Decorate paper towel roll in your own design. Cower one side with the paper and glue it. Put inside the paper roll beans(2-3 spoons, not so much, it is not going to sound well)
Cower another side. Decorate shaker with ribbons.

Now we can dance and sing and call Spring!
My children loved them! 


  1. Hello Mlla,

    of course, you can take the idea. You have just to find few magnet strong enough to move the bird behind a wooden plan (in France, we take stomach magnet for cows): it's magic for children

  2. Здравствуйте, Мила! Вот зашла в гости к Вам и решила продолжить знакомство. С английским у меня неочень, т.ч. буду писать на русском. Думаю, мы поймем друг друга.