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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Winter village in progress/Работа над проектом"Зимняя деревня"


Tree with squirl , future "Sabrina's restorant"

Discussion about doors and windows.

 How to make a snow - children's guessing.


That how our village looks now, but usually on Friday children pick up their works, so up to Friday we should finish a couple houses!
We finished our project at the middle of April. The best part was to organize our houses on the landscape.
Children enjoyed doing that work!
They discussed who going to live in our village and they enjoyed making people and animals for it.
This is short photo stream of our project:
Winter village project

This project started before Christmas and continued for over four months. During this project children learned many new and improved their existing skills. We covered all areas of the children's development including Music, Math and Writing.
Also, by working together children improved their social skills, they learned how to work on their own and share their knowledge and help their friends. During those months children made great growth of their personal, social and cognitive skills. They still did not lose interest to work on this project.
   We continue connect some of our not finished activity to other projects and just let them play with Winter Village.
After Art Show at the end of the school year we are going to cut landscape in pieces and every child will take home his or her own "land with the house and surroundings".

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Winter village project in progress

We continue work on our project "Winter village". Pine trees, which we made before make our village prettier and some children decided to make more those trees. We also decided to make a plain trees and decorate them with cotton balls.

This is our village in process

Soon we will make a landscape for our village!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Snowflake tutorial

A few posts ago I download an activity  "Making pine tree". That was an extended activity from making snowflakes. I find out that folding the paper is not too easy for my children. You can watch the tutorial which I made. I hope it will be helpful for you:)

More tutorials are coming!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

"Shopka" or Christmas native scene

I was looking for new activities for my children and just for fun collect some images from internet.
This is alive performance of Christmas Native Scene from my home town Lviv, Ukraine