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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Easy and quick menorah.

Before Hanukkah my children were making menorah with play-dough. Play dough takes time to dry, bake and paint, and dry again, and there was nothing special, everyone making the same before Hanukkah. Children wanted to take it home and light first candle on their own menorah. Just to decorate our menorah we decided to make a fake candles. To make a candles you need :
White or colourful construction paper and tissue paper red, yellow and gold, drinking straws. My children wanted white candles so we took white paper, younger children used drinking straws.
Just roll the paper for a small pipe, cut out 2 rectangle pieces tissue paper approximately 8sm*2sm, yellow or gold take shorter, put them together and twist it. Cut off top as a triangle, glue twisted part into the straw or paper pipe - that will be your candle and looks not bad.

. There was a boy, who did not make a play dough menorah, but he made 9 candles and badly wanted to make a menorah for it. So, I looked around, found a styrol foam container, cut out middle part of it and....


Happy Hanukkah!

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