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Monday, 8 October 2012

Paper jelly fish or Thanksgiving turkey!

    This activity is very easy, clean and very exciting!
The following activity created according to sensory learning infants but may be also used for ages from 6 months to 6-7 years.
    For infants we used a styrol foam ball covered with masking tape upside down; so it become sticky and stripes of tissue paper easily attach to the ball. Finally, child gets a jelly fish.... or a little colourful monster, if you help your child place on the ball goggly eyes!

    Activity created for infants but now my older children enjoyed it a lot to make a gift for Thanksgiving day.
We used sterol foam cups for the body and sterol foam ball for the head. Instead of feathers we used dried maple leaves and yellow paper for the beak. The other part activity belongs to my lovely colleagues.