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Saturday, 28 May 2011

My greatest book

"One of the activities I was proud of implementing at my daycare was the activity of building children’s self- esteem. Preschool to Kindergarten is the stage where they begin to build self-esteem. I noticed the children at my placement were starting to compare themselves with each other and would say, “I cut better than Child E”, or “She doesn’t know how to play tag”. After that, I thought of making a book with the picture of each child in my daycare and on the bottom, it said something like, “I am Child E, I like doing my craft. I also like using chopstick”. After I read this book during the circle time, left it around the book area. That afternoon during their free play, I heard one child reading the book to the other three children imitating what I said and describing the picture saying, “I am Child E I like doing craft and I like color red”. The teachers in my room were really impressed with the book and said I did a great job. Smile"
By Maryelle

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  1. This idea I got from my friend Maryelle. Children were very excited about this book because they even could read this book and tell about themselves their friends!