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Monday, 9 May 2011

The first week in infant room.

Hello everyone!
I am working now in infant room and feel very confused!
Look like I did not do a placement in infant room! The philosophy of my Day Care is combined with Reggio curriculum and theme based curriculum. Now I have to create a curriculum about flowers but have no idea how I can implement a activity about flowers in Infant room. If you have any idea - just share it, please!I have children around one year old.
Thank you

There is a gift for our Moms!

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  1. There is a fingerprint poem for our Mom. once I found it internet; so now I even do not know who is author.

    Fingerprint Poem

    My dirty little fingerprints
    I’ve left on every wall
    And on the drawers and tabletops,
    I’ve really marked them all
    But here are some that won’t rub off,
    I’m giving them to you
    Because I’m thankful to have
    A MOM that’s just like you!