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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Doll as a charm

 Pictures of doll taken from Google collection.

Creating dolls with young children. 
Является ли кукла волшебным оберегом или это просто самодельная игрушка? Размышления мастерицы здесь.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Cubyshka - beautiful folk doll

Made without a single stitch with natural fabrics and threads they represent an ancient tradition of doll making. "Cubyshka" is a doll, filled with meadow herbs such as mint, thyme and other, made to keep fresh environment in a house, and spread nice smell of dried herd around the room. Mint calms down mind and spirit.

That will be perfect present for Grandma or Mommy. We continue make folk dolls with our students.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Конфетка в цветочек!

Нашла  в интернете тааааакую вкусную конфету! Эх, я бы моим куклам веночков наплела!
а ссылка здесь!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

August - End of Summer

Today we will talk about end of Summer. Days become shorter, in an air are flying tiny webs - the spiders traveling around to find a safe place. It still warm outside, but more often we can feel cool breath of Fall. It means Indian Summer coming. It is very hot time for farmers - they are harvesting vegetables, fruits and grain crops. Today we are talking how important is job of farmers for our society.
Harvesting crain crops.

Why we need so much grains?
Our children discussed - How and what we can make with grain.
They explore different kind of grain and talk about similar and differences.
At this time we suddenly decided to make a bread....Is it easy?
At least we can try it!
So, Internet, as always, is helpful.
Wonderful recipe:
1 part of process:
·       1 tbs of east (I took dry french)
·       2  tbs of sugar
·       3 tbs of flour
·       300 ml warm water
keep in warm place 15 min
after add
2 part of process:
·       1 ts of salt
·       4 tbs of oil

It takes around two cups of flour to knead a dough. First with spoon after with hand (children enjoyed this part, the whole process was just WOW!)

Make a pastries and let to grow for 5- 15 min. 350 * F oven and you done in 25-30 min.
When children woke up they had amazing snack - healthy and so tasty!
Look how our children enjoyed the process!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

X ray for sick doggy or Как мы придумали рентгеновский аппарат

Today we explored our body. Doll Katia brought her little doggy to our Day Care. Tommy is sad, he does not want to play, to eat and we understand that he is not feeling well... Honestly, we tried our best: six doctors from our class take care about Tommy - they do needles, bandage paws, check the temperature.... nothing helps! Tommy still very sad.... So Katia took him to the vet office to do X Ray. Can you look inside your body? We know - we have arms, we have legs, ears, eyes, mouth, whole body.... But what do you think we have inside?
 Children think...
-Heart, It is here, in our chest!
 -Blood... When I cut my finger it was bleeding...
Could you try your arm? Touch the elbow... touch your knees... Do you feel something hard inside your body?
It is bone!!!!
Look what I have here!(I found inside Halloween box a skeleton.) 
It is scary!! I know we can see that at Halloween!

It is not scary. Every person has a skeleton inside, If you touch you chest, you will feel different bones, we called them ribs. they prevent our heart from any damage. Heart is very important it is something as a motor for the car.

But how we can see what is inside our body? X Ray will help us.
Do you see the sunshine? Sunshine let us see everything around us, X Ray helps to see inside our body.
Katia took her doggy to vet clinic and doctor made a X ray picture, Oh, Look what happens! Doggy swallowed whole hamburger and now his tummy hurts. Bones are hard and only them we can see on the picture, Can you guess, what do you see on X ray pictures?\

Now we can create whole human 's X Ray picture.
Children completed whole picture with masking tape.

 I want my own X Ray picture! asking children
So lets do that!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Little birds singing.

Today we were talking about birds who was close to our homes in winter and birds who is coming to our country in spring.swallows, blue jays, goose and ducks now arriving to our parks and lakes.
That is how my little student present birds in branches:

Those are birds which living with us in winter. Artworks of students grade 3-4.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Blast off to outer space! Day of astronautic.

My children were absolutely super Stars!
Do you know who was first astronaut? The dog called Laika, and after Belka and Strelka!
April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin orbited Earth in the world's first manned space flight.   That is how it started.
We were  talking about space, stars, comets, rockets and astronauts,
We were playing "Zoom-zoom" song and landed on the Moon, 
We created our space ships....not enough one hour to create an alien... so sorry.
But we had a lot of fun anyway!

do they look fantastic?

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Thick what is that./И опять о клещах

Once upon a time... I already mentioned in my post, but I feel like i just call them with my post. I had deal with thick only once, many years ago when i found the tick on my daughter head after visiting a cottage. I knew they are exist, but this winter I had a deal with it three times! During the winter!!!!!Why I accent that? They should sleep in Winter, but not this time - winter was warm enough. Recently I found the post about thick - very detailed and I think very helpful. It is here As I understand meetings with ticks became more and more often.
Встречи с клещами становятся все более часто. за всю свою жизнь я встречалась с клещом однажды, дочка поймала это счастье на даче лет 20 назад. тогда мы справились с помощью нашего педиатра в поликлинике, и честно говоря я даже не помнила как ЭТО выглядит. За эту зиму наша собака принесла троих! с сентября по март.По видимому зима была очень теплой. Одна клещиха разродилась в тот момент когда ее вынимали. сбрызнули место спреем от клещей-в интернете ничего об этом не нашла, ждем-с....Анализ клеща - безумно дорого, после второго, плюнули просто перестали проверять. У кого есть какой то опыт - поделитесь! Здесь полезная информация от «Печеньки»  клик

Monday, 21 March 2016

Folk toys 3/ К выставке готовы!

Children from my class were working very hard. Two weeks in a row day by day they created amazing toys in Dymkovo style. They all were present during Maslenica celebration which happened in Toronto last weekend. I am really proud of my students!

Kosta, 3 y.o.

Eva, 2.5 y.o

Teterka - special cookie for equinox.