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Friday, 25 September 2015

Itsy Bitsy Spider or following story by Eric Carl

Summer gone and Fall conducts the weather and changes in Nature. Look how many spider around now!
This it the time to talk about very busy Spider, story by Eric Carl. For this class I used sound of farm animals and children could guess who actually is coming now to talk to Spider. They could choose and animal toy and guess where or for what animals invited Busy Spider :
Pig - roll over in the paddle, Cow - eat some grass, Dog - chase Cat....

Ok, ok... we remember - Spider was quiet, but she was very busy - Let's look how  spider web looks like!

How many legs Spider has? What colour they are? Let's make your own spider! It is Itsy Bitsy Spider! Let's sing the song!

Now time to create our little Spiders.
One is angry.

One is shy.

One is busy.

One wants play!

Target - teach children to make a play dough ball.

Вяжет, вяжет паучок
- Прилетайте и качайтесь,
И на завтрак оставайтесь.
- Пауку не  верьте, мушки,
Гамаки его – ловушки.

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