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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Soup for dolls

Today we cooked a soup for dolls. We were talking again about Harvest, crops, vegetables, which are growing in our garden, but at this time we were thinking that our doll who was helping her parents in the garden is hungry. Let's make a soup for Kathy!
First we were talking about vegetables - whose are ok for soup and why we can't put lemon or strawberry in soup? How we need to prepare veggies for soup - wash them cut in pieces and what we need for it - knives, boards...

Put vegetables in a pot and we need - ??? That was tricky)) children went to our drama centre to explore it and found that we need a stove!!!! and while our soup was cooking we went to dance, 

Oh.... We forgot something!

Our chief does not have a smack!!! let's help him to make it.
Children practising draw the lines from top to the bottom, but older tried to create pattern with colourful lines. Look how they look like now!

Friday, 25 September 2015

Today we are glad to announce that our store is open and functioning.
You may find various cute little gifts for your dear ones here:

April showers bring May flowers!

As I said before in my post

it is amazing thing to teach children about their Native art. We continued to work on it

Itsy Bitsy Spider or following story by Eric Carl

Summer gone and Fall conducts the weather and changes in Nature. Look how many spider around now!
This it the time to talk about very busy Spider, story by Eric Carl. For this class I used sound of farm animals and children could guess who actually is coming now to talk to Spider. They could choose and animal toy and guess where or for what animals invited Busy Spider :
Pig - roll over in the paddle, Cow - eat some grass, Dog - chase Cat....

Ok, ok... we remember - Spider was quiet, but she was very busy - Let's look how  spider web looks like!

How many legs Spider has? What colour they are? Let's make your own spider! It is Itsy Bitsy Spider! Let's sing the song!

Now time to create our little Spiders.
One is angry.

One is shy.

One is busy.

One wants play!

Target - teach children to make a play dough ball.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

In the garden, in the garden - Fall is coming now!

Today we continued to talk with children about Harvest. Children remember that we have already mentioned as the harvester gathers the wheat grain, as the drum rotates the feed grain on the threshing machine and then how on the  mill grain was grounded into the flour.
Children discussed vegetables yjose growing in the garden. Hey! do you see an apple on this picture?
Tommy eat in for snack! this is very healthy snack and good for Tommy's body - It has a lot of vitamines and minerals! Imagine that Tommy bites it. How the apple will look like now? And Tommy bites one more time, ond more... so finally apple look like that and we will put it in? Exactly! in a food waste bin. Ususally this bin has? Yes, green color. Do we have nim like that in our class?

Cjildren had an opportunity to touch, smell and taste all vegetables! Some of them enjoy smell herbs some did not like the smell.

Look at those mushrooms made by children!

That is my cat with the lomg long tail!

 This potato is yellow, I made a sun! and little pink piglet love it!

That was really fun tasty and cool snack today!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Rash Hashana for kids

Happy Rash Hashana to all Jewish People!
The oldest tradition each Folk - Harvest Celebration. But for Jewish people it also beginning of New Year - very important time to review life for last year.

Necessary food on the table - Apples and Honey. 

And we have it!

Listening Shofar...

Next day they are going to the Water - to let past year go...
My little ones created a card for they family - Apple Tree.

Happy Rash Hashana!

Pictures found in internet collection

Friday, 11 September 2015

Forest school

Congratulation to all students, parent and teachers!
New school year started!
We are talking about our older sister and brothers and why they are going to school...
Do you know why?
To have lunch!!!!
Today we discussed the routine in our day care, what we have on our shelves and what we are going to do in our day care, It is a time to talk about seasons, school staff and learn words, colors and numbers,

Hey! do you know that animals also have their forest school? Who attend it? Sure Bunny, his friend Hedgehog and certainly sly Fox and   and big grey Wolf! Teacher in forest school is  wise  aunt Owl.
Can you imagine - they have same classes that we have! Today we were learning together with our forest friends.

If you will meet wise aunt Owl say we had a lot of fun in a Forest  School!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Rock and roll!

In our studio children exploring different materials. Today is time to play with rocks! Very special person brought to our studio very special rocks! Those are geological samples.... They are so beautiful - some shiny like diamonds, some sparkly like gold...we have a lot of fun observing them.

there are many options what to do with rocks but children decided to create Inukshuk.

Play dough creations.

The most popular material for sculpturing in our studio is play dough. It is natural safe material that can easily turn to any creations. Today it was looking like that.