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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Breakfast for Cathy

We start to talk about time - children 2-3 years are aware about seasons, day night changes and routine during the day (hours).  We learn time on the clock easy - it is time when Mom coming - big arm on 12, small arm on 5. Parents are very good they always in time!
Today we talking why Cathy was late in school.
Alarm was ringing but Cathy was sleeping....
Wake up, Cathy!!!
1. Do exercises! (Morning gymnastic - children do exercises and properly breath)
2. Wash your face and teeth! (We explore artificial soap bar, discuss colour and shape, rub hands and sing "ABC"- song)
3. We brush our hair
4. Set up breakfast.
This part has a target give children understanding good manners at table and correct food choice.
We continue to learn colours, shapes and what we need for breakfast st the table.

Finally we created plate for Cathy with taste and healthy breakfast



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