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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Natural ink

The idea of this activity appeared when children noticed that beet's juice colored hands. N. told: "This juice looks like the ink!" Children discussed how people used ink many years ago and why. Children find out that people did not have any computers at that time and they did not have pens. We started to talk about pencils and pens. " J. said:"I know, they used feathers!!!" We started to discuss how people can get the juice with beets or choke berries and how we can prepare feathers for writing.

 "We can smash berries and get juice. I think we can write with berries' juice."- said M.
The process started! First I showed children how to make writing feathers on the straw. Children could see how the straw hold the liquid inside and the liquid came out through the end cut  in two parts.
Children cut feathers at the end and enjoyed drawing and writing with juice! They noticed that berry ink was more purple and beet's ink was more pink!

Fall brings for my children new and new acknowledgements!

I would like to share this idea  here

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  1. Какое интересное и необычное занятие для детей, Мила! Спасибо, мне тоже было очень интересно!