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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Harvest time for very little people

Still my grades 2th are exploring fruits and vegetables I had my art class in toddlers room. I love those little people who exactly know what to do with the stuff which they got. Such silly adults, they collect crops in those wonderful baskets, but don't know how it is cool to sit inside a big basket!
We had for our activity:
3 baskets in different sizes and shapes - one the biggest was the most used, that was rectangle basket and everyone wanted to sit inside!
We had pumpkins and corn all natural.
Pumpkins were again in different colours and shapes; corn was dry and had a husk.
We compare baskets and pumpkins, collect corn and pumpkins in different baskets, divided pumpkins small and big, Hey Look at this - little boy 1,4 - sweeps the floor with husk! Did you think that you may use corn as a broom? MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.........It is interesting!
We also play some games such as "Pass the  pumpkin", children were learning to pass soft pumpkin to next person, but hold it when music change!
And we rolled the pumpkin around the room! So much fun!!!!!
Time for ART!
You will need:
Brown paper bag;
Piece of green paper to make a leaf;
Tape to fix the leaf;
 Couple strings of dry grass.
A lot of news paper
Tear news paper in smaller pieces and crumple it.

Now stuff brown bag with news paper.

Twist the top of bag and fix the leaf with tape.
Tie twisted part with grass!

Hey!!!  We got the pumpkin! 

Help your child to draw eyes and mouse and there you go!

 Jack-o-Lantern - BOOOOOO!
Or just the pumpkin for Thanksgiving!

I will take it home!I will take it home!-Repeated my little friend, who could talk. Rest of them just silently hold their pumpkins in their hands....Strong...

I am going to share my experience with Liza here

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  1. Спасибо огромное за участие в моем Креативе!!!