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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Flying jelly fish

Hurray! I got a pet!
Now Jelly fish flying in my room!
Yesterday was my daughter's Birth Day and she got a few balloons which were flying in the air.
I was thinking non stop about my new "Under Sea" lesson plan and suddenly I got an insight - "That is what I am looking for!" This is my idea, how to make a Jelly fish with the balloon.

You will need;
 a balloon with helium, tape (duck tape is better)
One plastic bag (I had recycling blue bag, but I think it may be colourful crepe paper - ribbons)
What to do
Gently remove stick or ribbon and fix with the tape a nipple.
Attach ribbons with the small pieces of duck tape to the balloon!
You can improve my project by adding eyes and mouth!
This is, in my opinion very good tool to teach children about weight. If there is one extra piece of duck tape at the bottom of jelly fish it slowly goes down, may stop in few inches above the floor. My idea is to "feed"
our jelly fish with paper fishes by attaching them with tape to the bottom.

Jelly fish prepared for "Under Sea" lesson plan but I think I will use it much broader!

I would like to share this idea here here
and here


  1. Вот это да... Я сначала даже и не поняла что это такое! А оказывается шарик с гелием. Вот так желе-рыба! Удивили, Мила!

    1. Сама себя удивила, Жанна! Сегодня на урок иду, будем играться, надеюсь медуза будет иметь успех))

  2. Спасибо огромное за участие в моем Креативе!!!