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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Easter chickens

Ok, Spring is coming and some spring things coming also with...This time we remind ourself that last year we made for Easter amazing project "Chicken-Mammy". we included different materials and techniques, and memories of that project were great. So, our children now 2-3 years younger  what they can do with that? EVEN BETTER than my Gr. 3-Th! Today I decided to post some pictures with our chicken
You will need:
Yellow tissue paper(a lot)
Styrol foam balls( you can use paper mashie balls made with newspaper and masking tape)
Red pipecleaners for legs
Two googly eyes for each chicken
Piece of red felt fabric for beaks.

Approximately time 45 min?
Let's go!

First cut tissue paper( you can also use yellow napkin) in squares.

Crumble it in small balls and glue it tightly on styrol foam ball surface. Yes, it is kind of boring but the result will surprise you! 

 Bend red pipecleaner in half make "w" letter and twist ends; see the picture above?

Ta-da! Those are our chickens - three but around 20 coming soon on our chicken farm!

By the way while my children were making their chickens I tried to make a chicken with pipe cleaner....
Why everyone call my chicken "Duck"?

Last year my students made a chicken's Mom. Today  surprisingly I found some pages of documentation with it. In a process it looked like that:

Easter soon!

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And you also can look here for more and more spring activities!


  1. Какие прекрасные птенчики получились. Такие милые, просто чудо. Спасибо огромное за участие в моем Креативе!!! Только надо ссылку на него в статью добавить.

    1. Лиза извините, была...Видно когда я правила пост, нечаянно удалила. Уже исправляю