Saturday, 30 July 2011

Compare real pictures

I just was reviewing my "Spring project" and reminded that we had very interesting activity.

We could see our playground through our window; so once children realised that the view from our window changes every day. I brought my camera and we took pictures every day during the week. I developed pictures on weekend and on Monday we could compare pictures and notice the changes.

Sweet and sour

During last week my children were exploring kitchen staff. We could not believe how those little people were interested to discover any kitchen staff such as pots,  pans and lids, spoons, bags, also artificial and real food! Activity "Sweet and sour" had a purpose to introduce our children different tastes.

Texture, sensory and art

This activity combined a few purposes:
- art - painting with ketchup - infants have no idea about differences between paint and ketchup or jam, is it? They usually taste everything that they have in their hands. We sometimes are very sorry about eating a lot of pain by our children. Once or twice they tried no so tasty "paint" they will remember that they shouldn't eat the paint.
- sensory - by smashing ketchup with the salt infants can explore different kinds of tactility.
- taste - infants certainly will try this mix (ketchup and salt). My children did not like that taste!(I put a lot of salt). We tried it a few times and now no one of my older infants do not put any kind of paint in their mouths!